How to Do the Master Cleanse

Do The Master Cleanse

Master cleanse questions

Do you know how to do the Master Cleanse properly?

When you do the master cleanse, it’s very important to follow the recipe and instructions precisely. The Master Cleanse is a detox diet that allows the body to rejuvenate and cleanse itself from the inside out, but if not adhered to properly, the maximum benefits may not be obtained – complete detoxification and desired weight loss. You should do the master cleanse for 7-10 days for maximum benefits. During this time, you are required to consume a solely liquid based diet consisting of the lemonade beverage. The lemonade beverage is made up of freshly-squeezed lemon juice, fresh water, cayenne pepper and organic grade b maple syrup. An herbal laxative tea is consumed nightly before bed. A warm sea salt drink called a “salt water flush” is then taken upon arising in the morning to help aid in elimination and flush toxic waste built up in the colon.

Food is not allowed to be consumed when you do the master cleanse diet. The master cleanse ingredients are enough to sustain your body and give you enough energy to complete normal everyday tasks, as well as light to moderate exercise.

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Do The Master CleanseHow Much Weight Can I Expect to Lose When I Do The Master Cleanse?

On average, 1-2 pounds are lost per day. During the first couple days of the master cleanse, you may not see the numbers on the scale changing dramatically due to your body readjusting to the diet. You are consuming copious amounts of fluid on the master cleanse, so your body may not know exactly how much it should store and release. This is water retention and you should see the weight start to come off after day 4.

Do The Master Cleanse


Should I Do the Master Cleanse Diet When I’m Pregnant/Nursing?

The master cleanse is not recommended for women who are pregnant or nursing. One reason it is advised against is because your body is releasing toxins which may be harmful to the baby. You should wait until after you have the baby to proceed. If you are ill, you should ask the advice of your doctor before doing the master cleanse.

Should I Stop Taking My Medication While Doing the Master Cleanse?

There are many cases where the lemonade master cleanse has helped people overcome many illnesses; however, it is still recommended that you get a medical opinion from a licensed physician before stopping medications used to treat an illness. There are certain cases where medications may be stopped during the master cleanse or gradually decreased.

Do The Master CleanseHow Long Should I Do the Master Cleanse For?

Stanley Burroughs, founder of the Master Cleanse, recommends the diet be followed for 7-10 days. The Master Cleanse can be safely extended for up to 40 days in some circumstances, but this depends on a person’s current physical condition. Some people choose to do the master cleanse for only a few days or alternate meals with the master cleanse beverage. This isn’t advised by Burroughs because you do not get the full benefits of the cleanse. However, how long you do the master cleanse diet for is your choice to make.

Do The Master CleanseHow Often Can I Do the Master Cleanse?

Many people choose to do the master cleanse every 2-3 months for it’s detoxification properties. There is no set rule on how often you can do the master cleanse. However, it is not recommended that you stay on a liquid diet for the long haul unless it is out of medical necessity.

Can You Do The Master Cleanse Without Maple Syrup?

Yes. Organic, Grade B Maple Syrup is at the top of the list when it comes to nutritional value; however, it can be substituted with Blackstrap Molasses or Organic Agave Nectar for those who are diabetic or have hypoglycemia. You can read more information on this topic here:

Do The Master CleanseWhy Do The Master Cleanse?

Cleansing through fasting has been common in many different cultures for thousands of years. It aids the body in releasing toxic waste and gives the immune system a boost, which protects it from acquiring disease. Cleansing may allow some people to cure themselves of already manifested illnesses. The master cleanse is not quite a fast because you are not depriving your body of calories, but it still maintains all of the beneficial cleansing properties that a fast does.

Where Can I Find the Ingredients Needed to do the Master Cleanse diet?

Many stores do not sell the exact ingredients needed to properly do the master cleanse. You can find organic, grade b maple syrup online at certain websites such as


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