Ashanti’s Master Cleanse

Ashanti Master Cleanse

It has been disclosed by numerous sources that Ashanti did the Master Cleanse diet back in 2007, in preparation for her role in Resident Evil: Extinction and her current album at the time, Declaration.

“I did the lemon-pepper-maple syrup diet for seven days. When I got really hungry, I ate fruit. I lost eight pounds and kept it off.”

The master cleanse is an easy, fast, and healthy way to lose weight. The Master Cleanse has caught on with celebrities like Ashanti who are put under the pressures of looking thin and fantastic around the clock.

Instead of succumbing to starvation tactics or fad diets, they often decide to do the Master Cleanse to get their bodies into prime condition. The Master Cleanse allows you to get a sufficient amount of calories to stay active and complete daily tasks, while significantly burning excess body fat.

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  1. Tyra says:

    Ashanti looks lovely!

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