Master Cleanse – Before & After Pictures

Miranda Martinez, an actress and entrepreneur reports a weight loss of 66 pounds in 30 days! She has also dropped from a pant size of 16 to 4 post master cleanse. She is now a successful raw food coach and health advocate.

Another user says that her face was cleared of pimples and that her skin looks brighter post 40 days of the master cleanse. She reports that she feels clean and mentally refreshed and that the master cleansing has had a great effect on not just her body but her mind. She happily announces that she had no desire or craving for junk food after starting the master cleanse. She also feels very happy about the inch loss in her arms and thighs. She is 5 feet 8 inches tall and went from 186.4 pounds all the way to 167 pounds on the 20th day, 160 pounds on the 30th day, and 155 pounds on the 39th day. She feels amazing about the weight loss journey.

Maggi, a first time user of master cleanse says that after 40 days of master cleanse, she feels great, excited and lively. She states that she was 148 pounds when she started the master cleanse. After cleansing for 40 days, she’s lost a total of almost 30 pounds and now stands at 120 pounds. It was a huge shock for her to see both weight loss and a dramatic reduction in inches. She reports that she dropped from a pant size of 8 to 2.

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