The Master Cleanse is a detox diet program that not only effectively burns stubborn fat, but helps cleanse the body of toxins naturally. Originally created in 1941 by dietician, Stanley Burroughs, the Master Cleanse diet has caught on widely over the past decade partly due to celebrity exposure. Some celebrities who have tried the Master Cleanse diet, include: Beyonce Knowles, Jared Leto, Ashanti, Ellen DeGeneres, Denzel Washington, Robin Quivers, Demi Moore, and Ashton Kutcher.

To complete the Master Cleanse, one will need freshly squeezed lemon juice, organic grade b maple syrup, cayenne pepper, and pure water. This lemonade drink can be consumed whenever one is feeling hungry throughout the day. It is coupled with laxative tea in the evening, and a salt water flush upon arising. Six to twelve 8oz servings should be consumed daily.

The lemonade juice beverage should also be had fresh as to ensure that the enzymes are live upon entering the body.

When initially introduced by Stanley Burroughs, the Master Cleanse was used as an aid to treat conditions such as ulcers, diabetes, and intestinal problems. Though the Master Cleanse is known for its weight loss benefits, the primary goal of this detox diet plan was essentially to cleanse the body of harmful toxins. It was also developed as a prime way to make the transition to eating healthier meals much easier.

It is recommended that you do the Master Cleanse for a minimum of 10 days for favorable cleansing results.

Easing Into the Master Cleanse

Although, it is not required of the dieter to perform an "Ease-In" routine before doing the Master Cleanse, it is recommended because it mentally and physically prepares the body for consuming a liquid diet; thus, the success rate of finishing the full 10 day cleanse is much higher.

Before Easing In to the Master Cleanse, make sure that you obtain all of the ingredients for your master cleanse kit. If you are unable to find all of the correct products locally, or are short on time, Master Cleanse Kits can be bought online here: Master Cleanse Kits.

There are three phases to easing in to the master cleanse.

Ease In Day 1 - Fresh Food Diet

Remove prepackaged and processed foods from all meals. The diet regimen should include only fresh fruits and vegetables both raw and cooked. You can spice it up with herbal seasonings to enhance the flavors. Examples include steamed broccoli, salads, potatoes, & fresh fruits. No meat or dairy products should be eaten.

Ease In Day 2 - Soups, broths, and shakes

Blend, blend....blend! You can use the vegetables left over from day 1 and put them in your blender to create a variety of different delicious combinations. This allows the body to begin getting used to consuming liquids, as well as absorb nutrients much faster. Again, no canned or processed food should be had.

Ease In Day 3 - Orange Juice

The last day of ease-in should include consumption of around 2 liters of freshly-squeezed orange juice. You will need to juice approximately 10-12 oranges and add fresh water. You can do this manually or use a blender to make it easier.

Easing Out of the Master Cleanse

Easing out of the Master Cleanse is a lot like "Easing-In", but backwards. The transition back into a solid food diet should be done carefully to avoid an upset stomach. Your body is getting accustomed to eating solid food again, so you will need to start from the liquid regime and ease your way back into eating solids.

If stomach unease occurs, switching back to orange juice for a day or so is recommended.

There are three phases to easing out of the master cleanse.

Ease Out Day 1 - Orange Juice

This is the same recipe as Ease In Day 3. Consume 2 liters of orange juice comprising of 10-12 freshly squeezed oranges and clean water.

Ease Out Day 2 - Soups, broths, and shakes

Create wonderful and tasty soups, broths, and shakes with fresh fruits and vegetables. This will help your body begin to get used to a wide array of natural foods while not yet shocking it with solid food. Only unprocessed foods should be consumed.

Ease Out Day 3 - Fresh Food Diet

Raw fruits and vegetables can now be eaten. Spice it up for better flavor. No meats, dairy, or processed foods should be consumed.

Remember to stay conscious of what you eat! It's very easy to fall back into old patterns, and if prior bad habits are resumed after the master cleanse, weight can creep back up. Keep an eye on your diet... Remember to eat mindfully and healthfully to maintain your weight and keep your body in it's optimal condition.