Common Master Cleanse Mistakes

Top Ten Reasons Why People Fail The Master Cleanse.

1. The temptation of unhealthy food at home. If you do the cooking at home, make alternate cooking arrangements during the period of the master cleanse. This will help you keep away from temptation. If you cannot do so, store your kitchen with healthy snacks and lots of fruits and vegetables. Keeping junk food around, such as cakes, ice cream, cookies, etc. is a big no no.

2. Being surrounded by unsupportive people. Convince friends or family members who you think may be interested into joining you in the master cleanse; or at the very least – talk to them about how important it is that they are supportive at this time. This will make sure that you are never short of inspiration and energy; you can also successfully complete your cleansing process as planned, that too as a group.

3. Not sticking to a daily routine. Remember to stick to a routine during the cleansing process. This self discipline will ensure that the process is easy to handle.

4. Lack of sleep or erratic sleep schedule. Sleep well and stick to the same timings of sleep and wake up. Good sleep ensures that your mind and body is rejuvenated and it will also enhance the results as your body gets enough rest.

5. Going to parties or food joints with friends. Avoid parties during the period of cleansing. Take to cleansing when parties are least or when you are on a retreat or some rest period. By visiting places where food is present, you will only cause temptation. And once you break your cleansing routine, you will land up in remorse and all this will only lead to further weight gain.

6. No participation in activities that keep the body and mind occupied. Learn and practice a few meditation, yoga and pranayama techniques for the benefits to be huge. You could otherwise practice your favorite sport to make progress quickly and easily.

7. Failure to stay motivated from within. If you enjoy reading, you could read some self help books to keep you motivated from within.

8. Having a lack of inspiration around you. Be in the company of those you inspire and motivate you; and those who trust your potential to complete what you have started. It matters a lot.

9. Reminders of goals aren’t apparent. Keep a photograph of the ‘thinner, beautiful you’ in a place where you can often see. Also, you could buy and keep one small sized pant or shirt that you have always wanted to wear in your wardrobe. Whenever you see all this, it will remind you of your goal and the importance of cleansing.

10. Unaware of daily achievements. Start blogging or writing your day to day achievements. The positive and pleasant changes that happen in you will infuse strength and courage to stick to master cleansing without a break.

A resourceful web site on diet do and diet don’t advice is Dr Oz Diet.

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