Beyonce’s Master Cleanse

Beyonce used the Master Cleanse to lose 20 pounds in just 14 days!

Though it is known for its weight loss benefits, the Master Cleanse’s primary function originally outlined by dietician, Stanley Burroughs, is to cleanse the body of harmful toxins.

Beyonce’s Master Cleanse Experience
While being interviewed live on the Oprah Winfrey show, she mentioned that for her role in the movie, ’Dreamgirls’, she had to lose weight fast—and it was the Master Cleanse diet which came to her rescue. She was to portray her character at the ages of both 36 and 16 – a full twenty year age gap, and felt that her younger self should have a thinner physique. Her goal was to fit the appropriate image of young Deena, her svelte character in the 1960′s… a time where slender celebrities like Twiggy were ruling the entertainment industry.

Beyonce only had two weeks to shed the weight but was determined to do it in a healthy way. Her nutritionist stated that the only way to achieve this with the time constraints presented was to do the master cleanse.

“Normally they’d change your make-up or your clothes but I wanted to go the extra mile. Back in the sixties, models like Twiggy were popular and I knew Deena would have been thin then, so even though I really love eating, it was necessary to lose weight really fast because we shot Deena at 16 and Deena at 36 two weeks apart.”

The Master Cleanse diet program can be followed for 10 days, and may be extended for up to 40 days in certain circumstances. Robin Quivers, Jared Leto, Ashanti, Demi Moore, and Ashton Kutcher are just some of the other celebrities to do the Master Cleanse successfully.

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Beyonce Master Cleanse
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  1. Tony says:

    I need to ask some questions (if you can help me): I am very proud of doing aldalery 2 days, so this is my 3rd day, but it is really difficult because I miss food all the time and when I am the one who has to cook dinner, make breakfast and lunches, it is really a torture. Anyways, I would like to know if it is normal no to eliminate anything but water during this 2 days I’ve been on the diet. In some way I think it make sense, since I am not eating anything else (but exactly what’s n the diet), how can I eliminate something??? is this normal? would I be able to eliminate (BM) some day during this 10 days diet? I already increase my salt in the water (3 tsp) and the laxative tea at night is 10 minutes, hot and strong. So please let me know if this is normal. Can I still workout right? the 8 glasses of lemonade I take during the day is plenty enough for me, but do I need to drink regular water as well? I can not drink the salt water fast enough (it is not of great taste), but I do it in 30 minutes, if I do it any fast, I know I will vomit it. Please if somebody can help me with this questions I will really appreciated. Cheers for all of us who are going through this diet and wishing you success.

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